Pocket-Friendly Vacation Destinations You Can Definitely Try

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DESTINATION Pocket-Friendly Vacation Destinations You Can Definitely Try

Published on September 18th, 2014 | by Joan Makai

The saying that traveling is an expensive hobby is actually a myth. If you do your research on airfare, accommodation and restaurants and plan your itineraries well, you’re set to have the vacation you always dream of without going bankrupt. Now, where is the best travel destination? We have listed five which you will definitely love.


  1. Hawaii

Because Hawaii is on everyone’s travel list, it can be pretty pricey to spend a vacation here. But there’s always a way to lessen your travel costs without ruining your holiday.


  • Airfare is cheaper during Spring and Fall and most airlines usually offer big discount on tickets if you book earlier so search for early booking discounts and grab the biggest.
  • Almost all tours and hotels offer group discounts so look for them.
  • While in Hawaii: haggle. The locals are very pleasant and you can get markdowns if you ask them nicely.


  1. Cuba

Now that Cuba can be visited, grab your chance to see Havana and Cancun ASAP! Tours here are relatively pricey but these already include government-approved itineraries, charter services, hotel accommodation, trips to other Cuban towns and even meals. In the end, getting an all-in tour to Cuba is definitely a good deal.


  1. Euro Trip

This may sound impossible to most since Europe is one of the priciest destinations but it is true. Hopping around Europe is affordable as long as you do the following:


  • Plan your itineraries well and have a guidebook with you at all times.
  • Know the Eurorail schedules by heart. You can get from one country to another on train and spend less while enjoying the experience.
  • Don’t drive in towns and avoid expensive car rentals, instead rent a bike.
  • Stay in B&Bs or hostels than in luxury hotels.
  • Eat in small, family-owned shops than in tourist-y restaurants.
  • Pay in cash and keep from using your cards.


  1. Peru

This country is filled with some of the most stunning scenic sites like Machu Picchu, Lima, Cusco, Aguas Calientes and Lake Titicaca.


As long as you know the train schedules, going from one place to another isn’t a hassle. Dine where the locals eat. It’s cheaper and you’ll get the real Peruvian flavor. Also, try and understand the Peruvian Nuevo Sol, their currency, so you know how much you are spending.


  1. Vietnam

This is home to beautiful landscapes and the amazingly wonderful food. Best of all, nearly everything here is cheap!


Sidewalk Banh Mi, Pho and iced tea cost less than $2 each. Ho Chi Minh (Saigon), Hanoi and Hoi An aren’t really far from each other so take the bus or the train instead. It’s cheap and you get to take in the stunning scenery, too.


A Tip:  If you are planning to visit Vietnam, include Thailand and Cambodia in your itinerary as well. These two other Asian gems are just a train ride away.


Everyone has his own best travel destination but if you plan your spending well it wouldn’t be just a dream anymore. Do your research and plan ahead. You’ll get there in no time.

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