The Priciest Footwear And Why You Should Own a Pair

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SHOES The Priciest Footwear And Why You Should Own a Pair

Published on September 28th, 2014 | by Joan Makai

No matter how important trendy footwear is, it can be difficult to wrap your head around the idea of spending a thousand bucks on it. It’s just too much. There are other, even more important expenses to think about like tuition fees of the kids and your monthly bills. Or is it? It might be due to the influence of media but nowadays the demand for high quality branded footwear is fast rising, and when we say high quality we mean those that are manufactured by well-known brands and could be seen carried or worn by famous personalities all over the globe.


Sure, there are people who’d go for a costly pair just to follow the trend. But there are few others who would go to those classy, museum-like stores that scream money and pay a lot for a nice pair because of its comfort, durability, craftsmanship and well… label.


Here are some examples of iconic shoes which are made by some world-renowned designers. Aside from the fact that they are branded (which actually adds more to the price tag), these deserve to be valued as such because they really are just a great pair. Go through the listing and be the judge why people especially the affluent ones go crazy over owning a pair.


  1. Gucci

Price Range: $600 to $800

This brand hails from Florence, the Italian city known for well-crafted and very comfortable shoes. You can wear Gucci high heels for hours and not complain of pain.


  1. Alexander McQueen

Price Range: $600 to $1,500

Do you want iconic? In that case, McQueen is the go-to-designer, whether we’re talking about clothes or shoes. A few decades from now, you could probably have your pair auctioned and get a hefty price for it.


  1. Christian Louboutin

Price Range: $500 to over $6,000

The red lacquered soles and super high stilettos (almost 5 inches) made this French brand so famous around the world. He is imaginative with his embellishments but prefer the basic design for the shoes making it ageless.


  1. Manolo Blahnik

Average Price: $3,000

You’ve probably heard his name said several times in the hit TV show Sex and the City. While Carrie Bradshaw made him a bit more famous in the early 2000s, this brand has been around since the 70’s. Blahniks are so exorbitant because of the materials used. Their most expensive is made of real alligator leather.


  1. Louis Vuitton

Average Price: $5,000

Most of the brands mentioned above offer ladies’ shoes, primarily. What makes LV great is that it has a line for men as well. In fact, the most expensive shoes ever made – the Manhattan Richelieu for men – costs $10,000.


Buying an expensive pair, iconic shoes or not, is not completely outrageous. It’s not always about the brand or about the design. It’s the whole package. And if you find great footwear which would last you for a long time then it’s an investment.

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