Sex and Intimacy: Do you know the Difference?

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SEX Sex and Intimacy Do you know the Difference

Published on October 11th, 2014 | by Joan Makai

Many people think that sex and intimacy are one and the same but in reality the two are entirely different things. Yes, sex could lead to intimacy and vice versa but it’s not always the case for all. For some people, sex is just a physical activity that can be done without serious feelings involved while others use sex as a way to express their deeper connection and make their relationship more intimate with their partners. Also, there are those that use other means of establishing intimacy with their partners before diving into the sheets.

  • Sex without Love or Intimacy

Those who are afraid to commit can simply engage in sex without professing love or commitment. As sex is a biological phenomenon that is simply the act of intercourse and is done to fulfill the sexual urges, people has no problems engaging in this activity even without real intimacy established. In such circumstances sex can be taken as one-night stand and there is no deeper feelings involve. Hence the ability to part ways in the morning or right after the intercourse is done. Here, both the partners are not in a relationship and just enjoying the sex to satisfy their carnal urges. They could go from one partner to another without even a hint of guilt.


  • Sex with Love

When two people are in a relationship, and they exchange intimacy with each other, then the act of sex can be called as making love. Sex and intimacy are very much related to each other and couples use this activity to make their relationship stronger. It is generally believed that in a healthy married life, sex is one of the indispensable factors. Sex is an act of giving and receiving love and can also be considered a way of developing and expressing intimacy. If the partners are intimate then, they reserve the sex for each other as a matter of commitment. They love and feel romantic about each other so while having sex they share the passion and excitement as an integral part of their relationship.


No doubt that sex with love is healthy not just in your relationship but also to your health as well. As a way of cementing your love for each other, sex is a high-energy physical exercise that releases a feel good hormone to keep you in a light mood throughout the day even after your sexual indulgence. Also, sex that is coupled with intimacy makes you more committed to your partner.

Sex and intimacy are both crucial in a relationship and sex is greatly responsible for bringing out the best in any couple. Marital intimacy and having sex with only one partner makes their bonding stronger and relationship more trustful. Sex as a form of physical intimacy makes the partners lay in the most natural form showing both their imperfection and beauty for giving pleasure to each other. Furthermore, it will help you understand each other in a better way and could easily take your relationship to new horizons.


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