Shed The Fats Off With These Handy Dandy Fitness Gears

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GEAR Shed The Fats Off With These Handy Dandy Fitness Gears

Published on September 28th, 2014 | by Joan Makai

Getting that lean and fit body you have been dreaming about is not easy. If we were all rich and famous like celebrities are, we’d all be able to afford those expert gym trainers who can whip us up into good shape in just a few months. But we’re not, sadly. That means we’ll all have to go through the hardships of exercise routines.


But there is no need to be apprehensive about the difficulty of it all. If you have the right fitness gear, you can get the figure you want without too much pain. Here are some of those:


Weights (Average price: $30 a pair)


You need not go for the really heavy ones yet. If you’re just starting out, going for the one-pound dumbbells would be a huge help already. You can always increase the weight as you grow stronger.


Resistance Bands (Average price: $15)


The resistance created by the bands as you pull one end away from the other helps you tone and build muscle like dumbbells do. It also comes in different resistance levels. Of course, these are easier to store.


The Trainer Ball (Average price: $20)


Those who didn’t see the value of this gym equipment at first are now very sorry for looking down on it. At least a dozen different core exercises can be done with this ball. One brand has even printed those routines on the ball to remind the user what needs to be done.


Hula-Hoop (Average price: $10)


If you think that hula-hoops are for pre-teens in middle school, think again! This is a great cardio work-out which can help you lose weight and whittle your waistline to that wonderful 24 inches. Buy the product which can be disassembled for easier storage.


Yoga Mat (Average price: $15)


If you’re into fitness and relaxation, yoga is the best type of exercise to do. You’ll improve your core, be more flexible and gain that sense of holistic well-being. Best of all, the only thing you need is a yoga mat. After the usual thirty-minute Sun Salute, just roll the mat and keep it in your closet.



There’s no magic to getting fit and no single fitness regimen will work without discipline. Like in anything, it takes a whole lot of effort, sweat and dedication to achieve the body you’ve always wanted. But if you’re determined to shed the fats off and get rid of it for life, then having a few handy dandy gadgets can make working out easier especially if you have no time and no budget for a gym membership.

Every single fitness gear mentioned above can be used at home – even if you live in a tiny apartment. All those are easy on the budget, too, so you’ll get buff but not too broke. So what are you waiting for? Get started on getting sweaty, lose the excess pounds and tone up! Remember that greatness will not come to you, it should start within you.

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