Simple and Innovative DIY Wedding Ideas

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Published on September 10th, 2014 | by Joan Makai

It is never easy to plan a wedding especially if you are just an amateur in this kind of business. However, through extensive research and constant practice, you can certainly master the art and eventually outshine the capability of a seasoned planner. The ability to expose yourself to traditional and contemporary weddings will make you come up with creative wedding planning ideas which you can apply to a friend’s, relative’s, or even your own wedding. Here are some smart and innovative DIY wedding ideas to try:

Baby’s Breath Flower Arrangement

While roses and tulips have been common variants for the bride’s bouquet, baby’s breath can also be an inexpensive but lovely alternative. Make a bundle of hundreds of baby’s breath strands and use a ribbon that matches the color motif of the wedding to tie the bouquet. Simple and nice, you can make several bouquets in smaller sizes for the bride’s maids and maid-of-honor in the entourage.

Champagne Glass Vases for Table Flowers

The use of champagne glasses as a container for table flowers is an ingenious way of putting glamour and style on the wedding tables. Guest will surely appreciate this concept because the table is ornamented in a unique and elegant way. Champagne glasses are not that costly as there are plenty of these at a very cheap price in home depots and supermarket kitchen aisles.

Wedding Flowers Arrangement

It has been a common accent in weddings that flowers are placed in vases and pots. An alternate way of creating DIY flower arrangement is cutting the stem of flower varieties and sewing the base of the flower on a string. This arrangement would appear like strings of fresh flowers hanging on every part of the wedding venue.

Candy Sprinkles Instead of Rice

Instead of throwing rice to the couple after the wedding ceremony, an interesting alternative is candy sprinkles. These colorful cupcake embellishments would add more fun and amusement to friends and relatives who are happily waiting for the couples to walk towards their wedding car. Also, colored candy sprinkles can be one of the highlights in the wedding photo shoot because of its vibrant colors.

Tea Light Candles to Keep Insects Away

Outdoor weddings are great but you have to be prepared for both crawling and flying insects that could potentially ruin your table arrangements. If the occasion involves open spaces, add several lighted tea light candles at the center of the tables to keep insects from pestering your guests. Lighted candles also add glamour to the event especially if the party is happening at night time. To keep the candles from spilling wax to the table cloth put them in a shot glass before placing them at the tables.

Wedding planning starts with good organization and proper time management. For as long as you are able to construct a step-by-step plan plus gathering the right team to assist you, the wedding day will surely turn out to be perfect without splurging on a high-cost wedding planner.

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