Simple Kitchen Makeover Tips

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DESIGN & DECOR Simple Kitchen Makeover Tips

Published on September 30th, 2014 | by Joan Makai

If there is one part of the home which is perceived as overused and abused, that would be the kitchen. Food preparation and consumption are a way of life and these take place in no other part of the house than the kitchen. This is the reason why the kitchen needs to be cleaned regularly and upgraded periodically. When the kitchen becomes messy and accident-prone, it is time to conduct kitchen renovation. This project demands quite high expense therefore, prepare a good budget so that your kitchen becomes a better and safer place to work in. Besides, there are plenty of inexpensive renovation ideas which can be applied once you begin with the plan.

  1. Focus on the Flooring

The flooring is an ultimately important part of the kitchen because this is the root of all accidents. Flooring which are slippery in texture need to be replaced immediately. One flooring improvement on a budget is the use of concrete material. Apart from it being inexpensive, concrete is very durable. Stained concrete flooring makes your kitchen look classy and modernized. The roughness on the surface makes it safer for the family members to work on. Many contemporary homes use this kitchen design idea because of its timeless appeal to both the young and the old members of the family.

  1. Upgrade the Tiles

Broken and worn out kitchen tiles can make the kitchen look ugly even from a distance and this decreases the value of your home. One great way to enhance this feature is by replacing them with granite or marble tiles. It is quite an investment to make, however its long-term durability is definitely worth the price. Granite fixtures promote a neat and safe design for the kitchen which is ideal for both big and small area.

  1. Improve on Cupboards and Cabinets

The kitchen is considered a workstation where space is essential. In order to boost the safety of the kitchen, every single thing must have its own specific place. In addition, all these must be properly organized to ensure that accessibility is attained. If you want to put some embellishments on your kitchen, allocate some cabinet space for kitchen décor such as mug collection or DIY floral arrangement.

  1. Install a Work Table

The installation of a work table in the middle of the kitchen can make food preparation easier and faster. This can be achieved by using sturdy wood as the base portion and topping it with polished marble or granite tile. With a huge space to work on, more food can be prepared in a shore span of time.

As you can see, these kitchen renovation tips are easy to apply as long as you have all the materials complete. Take note that the kitchen is the part of the house that wears and tears easily because of regular cooking and dish cleaning. By accentuating the kitchen with kitchen décor and improving on the quality of your kitchen, food preparation becomes hassle-free and at the same time, your family would love coming home and dining with you.


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