Simple Reasons Why We Should Get A Home Insurance

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HOME INSURANCE Simple Reasons Why We Should Get A Home Insurance

Published on September 22nd, 2014 | by Joan Makai

Although not everyone understand its importance, a good home insurance policy could offer benefits that would pull us through the hard times. As bad things happen beyond our control it is important to have a policy that could repair or replace our home if the need arises.

Below are few of the main reasons why we should get a home insurance.

It could replace our house

Natural disasters happen that could damage or destroy our home like hurricane and fire. If we have a good home insurance it would be easy to file for a claim to replace it in case our home is damaged beyond repair.

It secures the mortgage

We can’t get a mortgage without a home insurance. Although not every region require it, once we approach the bank and get a mortgage we are forced to get a home insurance. Why? Simple, home insurance protects them in case something happens to the property. The bank will force us to insure the property or they will get the insurance themselves and force us to pay for the coverage. When that happens, our home insurance premium will become expensive.

Protects us against lawsuit

Getting homeowners insurance protects us against lawsuit and unnecessary expenses in case an accident happens on our premises. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an injury from falling on our driveway due to the icy weather, or an injury given by our dog, if we have good policy it will cover the bills incurred by the accident. Our home insurance will also cover attorney’s fee in case the incident was brought to the court.

Replace our stolen items

We can’t keep our home secure 24/7. As much as we try, burglars are everywhere and they are just waiting for the right time to attack. The good thing about home insurance is that it covers our valuables in the event of theft. Just make sure to list every valuable in our homes, save the receipts and take photos for proper documentation so that we can easily file for a claim later on.


Our home means a lot to us, aside from its monetary value there’s no measuring its sentimental value which is sometimes more valuable than its cash equivalent. It stood strong through the passage of time, and has become a silent witness to everything that has happened to our family. Naturally we want it secured at all times, we want it protected from everything that could go wrong and with all things considered, a good home insurance policy could do that for us. Although it would not be easy to just replace the homes we love, it’s more painful to see it destroyed or damaged for a long time without the means to replace it.

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