Singles Dating: Simple Rules To Date Online

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SINGLES Singles Dating Simple Rules To Date Online

Published on September 17th, 2014 | by Joan Makai

Online dating has become a common activity on the internet today. This has become the trend because adults find it easier and more convenient to meet a man or woman from dating websites rather than seeing them in public. Due to this demand, numerous websites sprung over the World Wide Web that function as singles dating sites offering paid service to interested individuals who are on the hunt for a person to be acquainted with. The mechanics are simple to follow however; this service is strictly recommended for adults only. To make online dating a pleasant experience, here are some important rules to follow:

Dating Rule #1

Never flaunt indecent pictures

A person looking for a date online is not necessarily looking for a one-night stand, as such keep from putting pictures that are inappropriate. Nude photos, provocative poses and other pictures that could be labeled indecent are a big NO when it comes to profile photos. If your goal is to look for a long term partner, make sure to put a decent photo of yourself so as not to be labeled incorrectly.

Dating Rule # 2

Keep Your Personal Information Private

Meeting a person for the first time, whether it is in public or through virtual interface, that person is still considered a stranger. Therefore, you have to be cautious in sharing your personal information. Never disclose confidential details such bank account numbers, credit card PIN, complete address and others. This is to protect you from any possibilities of scam and fraud. When you are asked about this information, gradually turn down that person and report this incident to the website administrator.

Dating Rule #3

Don’t Talk about Money Matters

Never discuss things concerning finances such as information about your salary, bank account figures, company revenue (if you are a businessman), stock exchange profits etc. Money issues are not a good topic to talk about during a date because this will only stimulate fear and suspicion. Instead, engage with topics about interests, hobbies, future plans and goals. Take note that the main objective of online dating is to get acquainted with the other person and not to audit bank accounts.

Dating Rule #4

Keep Your Focus on the Conversation

Don’t make the other person feel unimportant while you’re engage in a conversation; therefore, don’t use your office as a venue for online dating. Doing something while on a date makes the person feel insignificant. Give importance to the person on the screen and focus on your date and the topic of your conversation.

If finding the right person to love is difficult to attain in public, give the online a world a try. There is no harm meeting a person on the internet because you can always opt to end the communication when you want to and then continue your search for a better match. What’s important is that you are polite and honest with that person about your feelings. Also, take caution in your choice of singles dating sites because some of these are not functioning legitimately. For your protection, check on the reputation and legitimacy of the website through online reviews and forums.


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