SLS Hotel: The Place To Be in Las Vegas

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HOTELS SLS Hotel The Place To Be in Las Vegas

Published on September 22nd, 2014 | by Joan Makai

Las Vegas is one of the most popular resort cities in the United States. With so many things to enjoy here, from gambling to shopping to fine dining and sightseeing, it welcomes nearly 40 million tourists every year. If you’re thinking about enjoying the sounds and sights of this wonderful city, don’t forget to check out the SLS Hotel Las Vegas.


SLS Hotel and Casino, located right in the Vegas Strip, was formerly the Sahara Hotel and Casino. SBE Entertainment now owns this boutique hotel which re-opened very recently in August of 2014. Since its reopening, it became one of the much talked about all-in hotel in the city.


Live the SLS Lifestyle!


Three Towers

The hotel has three towers, each having its own design and unique feel. It boasts of 1,600 rooms, 250 of which are elegant suites for those who like to live the high life in the Sin City.


Their priciest room is the Story Penthouse featuring over 3,000 square feet in space; it includes two bedrooms, three king-sized beds and a balcony. This is unlike anything you’ll ever see in Vegas.


Fine Dining

In a grand hotel such as this, you could only expect the best when it comes to food. It has the world famous Japanese restaurant Katsuya from renowned chef Katsuya Uechi and Bazaar Meat by chef extraordinaire Jose Andres. Other restaurants like Cleo, Ku, Umami Burger, The Griddle Cafe and 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria are also a must-try.


Sin City Night Life

Most people come to Vegas to enjoy its night life. When you’re in SLS Hotel, you really need not go elsewhere because everything you need will be handed to you in a silver platter.


To see and be seen, LiFE and Foxtail are the clubs to be in. If you’re into live performances, check out the Sayer’s Club. The Beach LiFE is the most distinctive of all. Located right above LiFE, you can go ‘clubbing’ even under the Vegas sun while relaxing on a cabana and sipping your favorite cocktail.


Great SLS Specials

With so many amazing things that the hotel has for their guests it is safe to assume that everything here is quite pricey. Well, yes, but with so many specials and great discounts, anyone can revel in the SLS’ wonderful offers without going broke.


If you book NOW, for instance, you immediately get 25% off from the accommodations. Aside from that, you may get a chance for a free breakfast at Griddle Café or SLS Buffet! You can also get great markdowns when you make a reservation and plan to eat at SLS Hotel Las Vegas’ Katsuya. Well that’s just few of the best offers at SLS Vegas. Being relatively new in the Strip, the company has made sure that they will be able to provide world-class services and other amazing amenities to all those planning to stay with them.


Go ahead and try the Vegas life at SLS Hotel, with world-class amenities, unparalleled services and never-ending fun you surely will go back for more.

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