Smart Tips To Renovate Your Bathroom At A Low Cost

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RENOVATE THIS! Smart Tips To Renovate Your Bathroom At A Low Cost

Published on September 17th, 2014 | by Joan Makai

The bathroom is the most frequently used room in the house because this is where every member of the family practices personal hygiene. In a common household, the bathroom is frequented four to six times daily. As such, keeping it clean and sanitized at all times is necessary. Living in an old house means that you are using an old bathroom where stubborn stains stay on the walls and fixtures for years. Cleaning these places is useless; the best thing to do is put on new fixtures to replace the old rusty ones. If you are planning for a bathroom make-over without worrying about renovation costs, consider the following creative ideas below:

  1. Remove the tub and install tiles.

More often than not, an old bathtub consumes a large area in the bathroom making the area quite limited for other important fixtures. To carry out a complete makeover, remove the entire bath tub and use cheap but durable tiles instead. Tiles are less expensive than a band new bath tub set therefore renovation will not hurt the pocket that much.

  1. Replace the shower nozzle and not the whole system.

If water from the shower comes out very weak, chance are, the nozzle holes are already filled with hard water residue. While cleaning can be an option, replacement is still the best solution. However, the only part you need to change is the nozzle or cover. All you need to do is buy a spare part from a home depot and replace the old one. Costing for this might play around $20. At this price, you already get a quality replacement.

  1. Create your own vanity.

Should your bathroom have more space for additional fixtures, constructing a vanity space is a good idea. By gathering some unused wood in your storage, design a simple cabinet to be installed in one corner of the bathroom. You can buy a few meters of granite tile from a tile shop and put this on top of the cabinet. You can have a carpenter do this simple job for you to ensure durability. Accentuate the wall with a mirror to make your vanity space complete.

  1. Paint all concrete areas by yourself.

A change in color is an affordable way to renovate your bathroom. Choose bright and lively color to paint concrete areas in your bathroom. Include the ceiling and the door as well and make sure that the colors are a good match.

  1. Perform a general cleaning.

Finally, clean every corner of the bathroom using safe and non-toxic detergents. Change the shower curtains and wipe the rods. Put some ornaments such as candles and aromatic oils to make the bathroom smell fragrant and appear more relaxing.

Renovation costs are undeniably expensive especially if you want to change those ceramic fixtures in it. But, with the above-mentioned doable tips, beautifying your bathroom is after all very affordable. By training each member of the family to practice cleanliness and care, your bathroom will surely appear neat and comforting for many years.

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