Smarty Halloween Décor and Party Ideas

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DESIGN & DECOR Smarty Halloween Décor and Party Ideas

Published on October 11th, 2014 | by Joan Makai

Halloween is a charming festival marking the end of autumn each year. Usually, it is held on October 31st, but may extend to the following day. It is a colorful and happy festival that children enjoy more than the adults. It is a day devoted to all saints, unlike Christmas.


Halloween décor invariably has a large carved orange or ochre yellow pumpkin converted into a lantern. This is known as jack-o-lantern. It can also be made from turnips. There are delightful tales about this festival and lantern, but in contemporary times, the lantern has become a way to experiment and create monstrous faces. Older children can be taught how to scoop a pumpkin for making such lanterns, and may even be asked to give a few carvings on it to make the light emerge while giving the lantern the traditional scary look.


Halloween is also associated with parties in which people come in masks and costumes. Invitees may arrive in costumes that represent various characters from any favorite movie, fairy tale, or another historic character. There are no restrictions on costumes that the person may choose to wear, and it is not necessary that people wear costumes only of popular characters. Therefore, people can turn up at Halloween parties wearing Joker’s costume resembling what Jack Nicholson wore in Batman movie. However, children prefer to wear costumes of heroes, such as superman, batman, spider man, etc. Little girls, often, opt to dress up like Cinderella, Snow White, or other princesses in fairy tales. There are innumerable party ideas and themes which are, usually, informed in advance to the invitees.


But that is not where the Halloween festivities end. People use trick or treats to make the Halloween of the year something that is worth remembering. Since the festival is mostly for children, some candies could be hidden in the house, and children would be asked to do treasure hunting.  Also, kids would love to dirty their hands decorating cupcakes, or decorating pumpkins using markers and stickers.


Apple bobbing in a tub filled with water is another thing little children would enjoy, and the contest can help to make it all the more attractive.  There can be guessing games for children.

Bottles with candies inside can be placed before them, and children would be asked to guess the number of candies in it. The child who comes closest to the number would get a bottle with candies in it. For adults, such tricks can be picked from ‘Minute to Win It’ television program.

Other ideas for Halloween party can be source from the web. The organizers just need to spend some time surfing the net and searching for creative Halloween-themed parties that can be recreated.

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