Stress And The Holiday: Reasons Why Vacations Are Sometimes Stressful

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TIPS Stress And The Holiday Reasons Why Vacations Are Sometimes Stressful

Published on October 9th, 2014 | by Joan Makai

Vacation is often thought of as the best stress buster, but what if vacation itself turns out to be a source of stress. It is hard to believe that stress and the holidays can go hand in hand, but believe me it sometimes does. The very thought of going out on a vacation fills you with euphoria. You sit down and start making a list of the destination places you would like to visit. Then you short list the places and decide the number of days you would spend in total. Thanks to the internet you can make a quick choice of the destination, get hotel booking, buy travel tickets and see a list of activities associated with your most preferred destination site. When everything seems to be going so perfect, then where is the root cause of this stress? The cause of this stress vests in the following reasons –


  1. Over budget – When you begin planning your vacation you make a rough estimate of the expenditure that will be incurred. People normally include travel expenditure, accommodation expenditure, and expenditure on food and recreation. What most of the people fail to think of is shopping expense. When you get tickets reserved and hotel booked, you fix your eyes on your wardrobe and realize you need to buy yourself some really nice clothes to fit in the weather and mood of your vacation. This adds to your budget and gives it a boost. This is the first time you experience stress rippling in your mind.


  1. Over Expectations – Before making up your mind for the dream vacation destination, you ask your friends and relatives about their experience to that place. You also read about other people’s review online, and this is where you start building your expectations. There is nothing wrong in it, but you can never experience the same as other people do. You might not like the food as much as your sister and her family liked. You might not enjoy walking long distances as your neighbor did. So, do not build up your expectations on other people’s experience. This may add up to your stress level and inhibit you from having a stress relief holiday.


  1. Physical Exhaustion – Every moment of your vacation is booked with adventure and recreation trips. You do not get sufficient time to rest. Sometimes you have to get up early to catch up the most beautiful sight location, or be up till late night to enjoy the thrill of the nightlife of the place. Physical over-exhaustion may end up making you feel stressful and sometimes frustrated.


Unfriendly people, bitter experiences, loss of luggage and health issues can add up to the list of stress during vacations. You need to settle these issues with an effective stress management program if you want to fully enjoy your holiday. Since you know what is the root of the stress you can easily find ways to tackle the situation and make your vacations completely stress free.

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