Amazingly Inexpensive Summer House Makeover Ideas

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Published on May 9th, 2015 | by Joan Makai

Summer is back and it’s time to reinvent anything and everything that’s drab into something cool and refreshing. Unfortunately, summer house makeover is the last on a lot of peoples’ lists because it costs so much.

But we are telling you now not to disregard this completely. There are ways on how you can give your home that welcoming summer ‘feel’ without spending a lot in the process. Here are some great ideas to get the summer vibe without breaking that bank.

1. The Paint Project

Do you have that old cabinet or matching deck chairs sitting in the attic, collecting dust? Well take them out now and make it all new with a fresh coat of paint. Choose those cool summer colors like bright yellows, striking reds or stylish blues. Place them in your front porch or backyard and it will surely make your place inviting and you’ll have extra room for storing some more stuff.

     What you need:

A quart can of paint, Nylon paint brush (preferably angled), sand paper (600-grit).

     Total cost of everything: $40

2. The Washi Tape Craze

Washi tapes are basically decorated scotch tapes. But the great thing about these is that there are so many designs for you to choose from. You could use it on plain wooden frames. You could line your staircase with it. You could even fill a blank wall with it if you like.

     What you need:

Washi tape of your choice, measuring tape, a pair of scissors or a cutter

     Total cost of everything: This really depends on the number of washi tapes you bought. But for those mentioned above, you might need just $15      for the whole project.

3. Re-Green Your Home

There’s something so cool and relaxing about a house filled with plants, especially during the hot summer season. And this particular project is so easy to do, too! If you already have potted plants, re-arrange them! Hang some on the ceiling or place a tall bush near your favorite chair in the living room.

If you don’t have any yet, go to the nearest orchidarium and buy those plants which does not require a lot of care to survive, especially if you don’t have that enviable green thumb.

     What you need:

At least three large pots of plants of your choice, potted herbs for the kitchen would not just look great, it would also make you want to cook great          meals for your family.

     Total cost of everything: $30, at least.

So what are you waiting for? You’ve got the last few weeks of spring to work on these incredible summer house makeover ideas so get an early start – now! By redecorating your house and keeping it cool for summer your family will look forward to coming home everyday.

Photo Credit: mikecogh via Compfight cc

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