Super Cool Ways to Get Affordable Car Insurance for Teens

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Published on June 29th, 2015 | by Joan Makai

Insurance companies often collect higher car insurance premiums on vehicles owned by teenagers. For starters, they are not sure how this youngster is going to drive and there is every possibility of the youthful zest overtaking common sense on the roads. Therefore, insurance companies are not exactly wrong when they safeguard their interests by charging more. However, there are ways and means to bring down those costs and make car insurance for teens affordable.

  1. Get Good Grades

There is a general perception that youngsters with good grades are more serious about their lives and are less likely to be rash in other spheres. Therefore, good grades entitle the teenager to bargain for lower premiums on their car insurance.

  1. Learn Drive Car from Some Professional Institute

Insurance companies would not have an excuse to charge more than is reasonable if the teenager learned to drive a car from professionals rather than learning it from parents, uncles, cousins, or friends.

  1. Join on Car Insurance of Parents

Buying car insurance jointly with parents reduces the overall costs.

  1. Opt for a Vehicle that is not Too Expensive

Expensive cars have valuable parts, which increase the liability of the insurance company in the event of any accidents. Therefore, costlier cars will increase the car insurance cost as well.

  1. Have Clean Driving Record

Teenagers do not have much driving record to show that they can be responsible drivers. Nevertheless, having a clean record always helps.

  1. Do not purchase any vehicle that is already known to have problems or was in any accident

This will have an effect of increasing the premium because insurance companies will expect problems with the performance of the vehicle or its parts going forward, and this will be reflected in higher premiums.

  1. Locality Matters

Car insurance includes a component towards car theft, and losses due to factors such as floods, riots, etc. While it is difficult to plan precisely against any natural calamity, there are crime records to rely upon for bringing down car insurance costs for teenagers.

  1. Understanding the Components of Car Insurance

Car insurance for teens has three primary components, i.e., liability, medical expenses, and vehicle coverage. Of these, liability coverage is mandatory almost in all the States within the US. It mainly covers liabilities arising from claims by travelers in the other vehicle involved in any accident. Therefore, it is a significant component since it includes both vehicle damage costs as well as medical expenses of the other driver and passengers. If the teenager is unable to afford the car insurance, he or she can forego his or her vehicle coverage component though even this coverage is generally essential. Similarly, medical expenses coverage can also be reduced so that premium for car insurance is brought down proportionately.

  1. No Smoking and No Drinking Discount

If the youngster can highlight that he or she does not smoke and drink, the insurance company would be more amenable to reducing premium slightly.

  1. Student Discount

Students are entitled to some discounts, and these are applicable even on car insurance premiums. Therefore, the teenager can buy car insurance claiming such discount.

  1. Get Quotations

Almost all insurance companies have websites, with a tool to give an estimate of possible car insurance premium. A teenager can obtain such references using the internet, and compare these insurance products. The internet also provides access to reviews about various insurance companies and how prompt they are in paying the claims.

Based on such information, the teenager can get an idea about the cost of car insurance, and the arsenal at his or her disposal for bringing the premium of car insurance for teens into the affordable range.

Photo Credit: State Farm via Compfight cc

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