Surprise Your Dad this Father’s Day with these Great Treats

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Published on June 19th, 2015 | by Joan Makai

Most of the children hardly know their father. But love exists, and that needs to be expressed, especially on Father’s Day. June is the month when everybody frantically searches for something that would please their father on the third Sunday. Would you like to give something different to your dad, something that is within your budget, and yet exactly what your father would love, or would you settle for traditional ties?

Here is a list of some unconventional Father’s Day gifts that you might want to consider for your loving parent.

  1. Organize a Friendly Party

You would wonder how that amounts to a father’s day gift. But there was a time when your dad was a bachelor and he had none of those worries. He enjoyed many things back then, but subsequently, responsibilities prevented him from enjoying those moments. If you can afford it, organize an outing to some place that your father went in his teens, and invite any of his schoolmates, if they are still in touch. Pleasant nostalgic moments have cathartic effect for your father as well as others in the group.

  1. Keep your Eyes and Ears Open

Children remain so engrossed in their worlds that they fail to notice what their father is looking at in the mall, or is talking about. Understanding his desires and needs requires a little bit of practice, but if you could buy him exactly what he was looking for, he would be delighted.

  1. If your father was an outgoing person, you might want to take him to amusement parks.

Fun-filled activities bring out the child in everybody. You will be surprised how much your father enjoys such things, now that he does not have to prevent babies getting injured.

  1. If your father is inclined to be reserved and is the type of person who would like fishing.

Then a guided fishing tour, from where your father returns with a magnificent catch to brag about is just what the doctor ordered.

  1. Have a jamming session if yours is musical family, record it and upload on YouTube

Your father may never have sung a song on stage, but loved to sing. Give him a chance to know how well he sings, and enjoy listening to his own voice.

  1. Do something unusual such as go to some brewery or vineyards and learn how to make those brews

A lot of outdoor activities coupled with nice wines and food will be a gastronomical delight for your father, and he will love it if he loves such things.

  1. Do something usual

Like going out for a movie perhaps, and eating out after that. You may be doing such things regularly, but not your father. He has possibly stopped going to movie theaters long ago, and the environment will revive memories of early days. Don’t forget popcorns, chips, and ice creams. For one day, even the doctor may not be able to say no. On the whole, such activity reduces the feeling of isolation because the next generation mingles with the previous generation.

  1. If your entire family wants to be together, perhaps some card or board games at home will do the trick.

A festive environment is created when the whole family groups together. Playing games   that were played in childhood with the father will help to make your dad feel young again.

As can be seen from the above, giving ties seems more of a formality. A touching song dedicated to the father can help him feel appreciated and wanted. But if you are not good at singing, there is nothing to fret about. Simple words on the self-prepared card will serve the purpose beautifully. Whatever you want to give to your father on this father’s day; let it be from your heart.

Photo Credit: Frank Boston (bostonsphotos) via Compfight cc

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