The Caitlyn Jenner Story And Her Journey That Empowered The Transgender Community

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Published on June 12th, 2015 | by Joan Makai

Caitlyn Jenner, rather Bruce Jenner is not the first one to undergo a sex change to match with emotional orientation. He certainly will not be the last. But Jenner has media buzzing because he is a famous television personality and was married to Kris Kardashian. Jenner was an indispensable member of the reality show “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. But Kardashian name is not the only reason for Jenner is a household name. Jenner is also an Olympic champion, having won track event in 1976. He has set a record for decathlon in that year.


His Life and Transformation

Over the years, Bruce Jenner married and divorced three ladies, i.e., Chrystie Jenner, Linda Thompson, and Kris Kardashian. He has also fathered six children. Now, at the age of 65, Jenner has changed his gender and has chosen Caitlyn to be the name of his new identity as a woman. Many would refer to it as senility, and devout would call it a sacrilege. But Jenner seems quite happy and content with his transgender status. He considered the transition a more honest version of his personality and was delighted with feminine makeup. But for vocal chords, Jenner does look perfectly like a woman now. The surgery has miraculously emphasized femininity of Jenner even on his face.

In fact, Jenner’s secret was out in 1980’s when Alan Nierob discovered the truth about Jenner. Nierob, who is a journalist and publicist, did not carry the story on Jenner’s sexual orientation.  He also helped Jenner to keep the matter under wraps. Nierob had noticed Jenner’s tendency to trans-dress at the time.

But Nierob did not expose Jenner’s sexual orientation and even helped Jenner to find the right way to reveal such sensitive information. Jenner appeared on the show as well as interview explaining her end of the world, and people were listening.


Impact of Jenner’s Transformation on the Society

Bruce Jenner’s surgical transition to Caitlyn Jenner has also increased sales of magazines such as Vanity Fair. The news was so surprising that within no time, Caitlyn Jenner became the most searched name on the net. Social media is now examining the issue of transgender more seriously because Jenner did not strike to them as some nutcases. They are questioning whether the concept of a man trapped in woman’s body or woman trapped in man’s body at birth is indeed correct. The present generation is inclined to be more liberal in its thinking thanks to Internet and social contacts across the world. It is also more logical in its approach, which is why very few on social media sites have condemned Jenner. For most social media users though, the matter is personal, and if such feelings are acknowledged, the society will soon accept LGBT members in society as well. Such views will certainly make lawmakers, and religious heads review their stand on LGBTs, and transgender folks.

There are political ramifications of the issue as well. Surveys conducted by NBC as well as SurveyMonkey indicated that Democrats feel Jenner’s transformation into a woman would promote more tolerance and acceptance of transgenders as well as LGBT members. The surveys also showed that LGBT members and transgender are often looked down upon by the society. Perhaps this is the reason most transgenders are unable to honestly admit their feelings. Jenner just showed an honest path to such trapped individuals.

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