The Dos and Don’ts When Traveling with Pets

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Published on May 19th, 2015 | by Joan Makai

Pets are considered by a lot of people as part of their families. This is why most always want to bring their pets with them especially during a long vacation in another state or even abroad.

As pet owners they can’t be completely happy with their vacations if they can’t bring their furry friend along. It’s a good thing that nowadays, travelling with pet is possible and even allowed to most destinations.

So if you can’t leave your darling behind, take note of the following for a stress free trip for both you and your pet.

DO Check with the Airlines about their Rules

A lot of airlines do not allow pets on board the plane because they have to consider the other passengers as well (who may have allergies or do not fancy pets that much). Most of them will require that the animals be crated and placed in the baggage section of the plane.

The Truth!

You might feel sad putting your pet inside the crate. He or she is part of your family, after all, and you know that doing this will also make your pet feel miserable or worse agitated. But if you’re on a commercial plan putting them on crates is both for your pet and your co-passenger’s benefits.

DON’T Make Them Feel that the Crate is a Prison

A renowned Dog Whisperer once said that in order to keep pets relax, you should keep the energy positive. Show your pet the crate. Don’t shove the animal inside. Open the door and allow your pet to go inside at his own will. Make him feel comfortable in it and once you see that he is indeed comfy, close the crate gently. This will help lessen his anxiety.

DO Exercise Your Pets Before Travel

Whether you decide to go on a plane or go for a long drive to wherever you’re going, see to it that you have exercised your pet first. That will burn their excess energy and make them more inclined to just rest and be well-behaved during the trip.

DON’T Make Your Pet Eat Too Much

Like little kids, pets are prone to motion sickness. Giving them medication could help, of course. But it would be better if you don’t feed them too much before the trip instead. Don’t feed them while you’re driving too. Wait until you get to a stop before you give them foods high in protein. In relation to this, DON’T drive too fast either.

DO Make Your Pet Comfortable

Bring his favorite blanket, stuffed toy, or bone during the trip. This will make him a bit more comfortable especially if you decided to keep him inside the crate. In relation to this, DO get rid of things which pose danger to your pet like leashes and ropes while they are unattended.

DO Bring Your Pet’s Medical Record

Airlines require a vaccination record before they allow you to board your pets so don’t forget to bring it along. You might be required to produce a rabies certificate so take extra precaution and ask your vet for one.

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