Timeless Fashion Means Going Back to Basics

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OUTFIT fashion tips

Published on September 10th, 2014 | by Joan Makai

Unless you are a celebrity or someone who has unlimited funds for shopping, keeping up with fashion does not necessarily mean that you always have to catch up with new trends and style. What matters is that you have the most essential wardrobe in your closet. Even if you consult with a fashion stylist, he would easily say that your closet tells it all. Whatever you have in your cabinet will define your everyday fashion. To avoid the stress of thinking what to wear every single day, never stray from the basics. Fashion tips are everywhere but this one’s really simple. While you are able to shop for new clothing, make sure to always have these basic items in your safe keep:

Perfect White Tee

There’s nothing more classic than the perfect white tees worn under any sweater, jacket or blazer. Whether you’re a fashionista or someone who know nothing but the basic when it comes to fashion, you can easily pull a crisp good look with white tees. It definitely goes with any type of skirt or pants. Perhaps, buying two or three white tees won’t hurt your pocket.

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Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans will never fail you in the world of fashion. Whatever tops or footwear worn with a pair of skinny jeans will always be a good match. It also gives the illusion of having long slim legs like those who stride on the catwalk. Skinny jeans are a wash-and-wear type of clothing that looks better and better over a number of washes.

Crewneck Sweater

A few lightweight knits must come in handy in your closet. These are great for seasons like spring and fall where some cold breeze fill the air. Layer your crewneck with a collared blouse and match this with a pair of jeans or tailored pants plus some nice leather flats. Simple outfit but perfect in style.

One-Piece Wrap Dress

This one-piece wrap dress works for any occasion and season. In winter, you can pair this with a simple suede knee-high boots and a nice coat, whereas spring can only be this dress paired with plain nude flats. Invest on this type of clothing and choose colors that are a good match to your footwear collection.

Dark-Colored Blazer

Whether worn on tailored pants or paired with jeans, a dark-colored blazer works perfectly. When we say dark, colors should fall under the shades of black or charcoal gray. From corporate affairs to after-office parties, your blazer will surely save you.

For as long as you have all these essentials in your closet, you will never run out of style. Of all the fashion tips out there, this one’s the easiest to deliver. Take note that fashion is just a mix and match of whatever basic clothing you have; therefore don’t be afraid to experiment, for as long as it appears pleasant and makes you feel comfortable, then you are definitely on board.

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