Tips for a Successful Beach Wedding

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Published on August 27th, 2014 | by Joan Makai

Gone are the days when weddings are done in halls and churches because today’s modern trends allow such ceremony to transpire in various interesting places. Planning a wedding means you have to think of a good venue where the most significant day in your life will be held. That being said, one of the most wonderful unique wedding ideas to consider is a beach wedding.

Obviously, if it is a beach wedding to happen, then that day must fall anytime within the summer season. This is to ensure that weather is perfect and preparation won’t be that difficult. As far as planning is concerned, there are helpful wedding tips that you can apply in the process so that preparation can after all, be a pleasant experience.

Get a Permit

Beach areas are usually for public use but when it comes to a wedding ceremony, there is required paperwork to be completed. When shopping for a beach venue, always ask for their policies and ordinances so that you will be allowed to use the area legitimately. Secure a permit first before anything else. After which, you can go ahead and accomplish your ‘to-do’ list.

Prep Your Guests

The weddings takes place on sand and so remind your guests to dress up appropriately. This factor can be communicated through wedding invitations. This important detail must be highlighted on the card to ensure that your guest prepares well before the occasion. Also, include destination wedding information such as map, directions and landmarks.

Concentrate on Dress Code

You and your guests shall be spending hours under the sun therefore; the most comfortable clothing must be worn. As they say, ‘skip the big wedding dress and go light’. Do away from heavy clothing material and look for light thin fabrics that are soothing to wear. Light-colored fabrics are best for this occasion. Footwear is not going to be a big expense because simple flip-flops can do the trick. High heels and leather shoes are the most inappropriate foot wear products. As a rule of thumb, beach wedding requires no formal wear. You can go informal to casual as long as it fits the occasion.

Invest in Quality Photography

While everyone will be capturing photos using smartphones and digital cameras, there would only be one official wedding photographer who will document the entire wedding. When hiring a service provider, inform the company about the venue being held in an outdoor setting. This is because professional photographers have their own techniques in shooting photos during beach weddings. This detail will give them ample time to prepare for their equipment, team and photo shoot plans.

Hire  Reputable Caterer

Explore the area for the best catering service and spend some time for food tasting. Choose a menu that is suitable for the occasion by considering details such as number of children and adults. Food must be excellent as this will inspire every guest in the party. Another important thing is that the catering service must provide tables and chairs for the dining area. All these comprise one package deal.

Bring Back-up Materials

There must be designated area for some back-up materials such as umbrellas, sunscreens, paper towels and others. Materials should be based on your guests’ convenience and so it would be helpful to come up with a list of things to bring.

It is worth noting that the success of your wedding depends on the preparation period and the people behind it. As a couple, you will not be able to carry all the responsibilities before the wedding therefore, hire an expert so that every detail is well thought-of and groundwork comes in an organized manner.

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