Top 10 Tips for Healthy Summer Skin

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Published on July 5th, 2015 | by Joan Makai

Winters may prevent you from enjoying many of the activities that summers offer, such as going to the beach and swimming. But summers bring their share of woes too. The sun in summers is the arch enemy of the exposed skin. Should that deter you from enjoying your weekend near the sea? Of course not! You might consider the following options for keeping that healthy glow on your skin, even in summers.

  1. Drink Plenty of Fluids

Your mother may have told you that because she believed it was good for clearing your bowels. But skin specialists will say that fluids keep the skin hydrated from inside. Therefore, the skin cells do not die of thirst in scorching heat, reducing the skin structure into a thin, dry, papery mask. It is true! Fluids are as good for your looks as for your bowels. You must drink a few ounces every half an hour or so.

  1. Eat Right

Ever noticed the glow on a pregnant lady’s face? It is the right nutrients that go into her. Skin glows with proper nutrients, so include them in the diet. You don’t have to eat as much as a pregnant lady does, but ignoring those nuts, fruits, and leafy vegetables is not a good idea.

  1. Exercise Helps

But you did not know that, did you? You may only have thought that exercises help to reduce weight and tone those muscles. But exercising contributes to increasing blood flow in all directions and that includes the face. Therefore, cells of the skin on face and other exposed parts of the body get their meals and survive another day.

  1. Adequate Sleep

This also does not cost anything.  Lack of sleep robs the skin of its luster. Learn how to relax and sleep, if you are somebody who is inclined to be tense and insomniac. For this, you might want to try meditation exercises as well.

  1. Exfoliate Skin

Exfoliation removes older cells, which are mostly dead cells that prevent the cells beneath from getting their share of oxygen directly from the atmosphere. Chemical peels are available for this. Homemade options include salt and lemon, or coffee plus sugar. But this is a procedure that needs to be done twice or thrice every week; the more, the better. Skin shines after such procedure.

  1. Reduce Make-up

Like dead cells, makeups also deprive oxygen to the cells. In summers, the make-up can actually look bad because of unevenness caused by sweating. The remedy for this problem is doing away with much of it. All you need is a lip gloss, mascara, concealer, and bronzer blush. Opt for moisturizer instead of the foundation.

  1. Use Sunscreen

If you can’t escape it, you have to face it. Luckily, there are sunscreens, with SP5 15, and SP5 30. These compounds work like shields, bouncing the rays off them. But these are also water soluble and disappear fast. A swim or wash after applying these creams means a fresh round of protection is needed, especially because some dabbing with a towel may have wiped out the protective layer. In any event, these creams need to be applied once in every hour and a half. .


Taking care of skin is not too expensive. Many of the procedures here for healthy summer skin are simple and can be followed very easily.

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