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Published on May 30th, 2015 | by Joan Makai

You have prepared well to go out with your regular get-up and it seems so perfect. This used to be the trend when fashion and style were not everyone’s taste. Today fashion has risen to a high level and that is why we get to see a new creativity every day and this has made accessories come into existence. Accessories are the plus for your get up and can set you feel more confident and fashionable in the fashion frenetic world.

Today we will explore quite a few fashion accessories which are so stylish, elegant and befitting all the seasons that you don’t want to miss those along with your trends.

  1. Bucket Bag

For office goers, they need to pack a bag for their daily routine and it includes various needy things that they might require during the regular job. Bucket bag is shaped like a briefcase but not that wide and compact in form as well. It can suit to all your jeans and formal outfit. This gives you extra hold to your belongings with the drawstring and bold solid colors make it unique.

  1. Statement Earrings

Dangling Earrings are in trends now with those hanging custom shapes and having art in them. You can have multiple pairs of dangling earrings and change them every day to manage a different style on every day of the week. These can be easily adapted with any casual or formal attire.

  1. Multifinger Ring

Up to now, ring used to be rolling around a single finger but as the trend move forward it has given chance to make it more bold and gorgeous. These multifinger rings spans around 2-3 fingers altogether and can add a minimalistic downtown edge to your look.

  1. Personality-Packed Gloves

If it is not wrong, you already have those traditional black collar gloves with the very basic shape and printing. Now the time has changed to upgrade them with even more personalized and beautiful gloves which suit your personality. Gloves are the perfect companion to the jacket and look fabulous in all seasons.

  1. Floppy Hat

This is something that is not so common but when you will try you definitely going to amaze yourself with the beauty it will produce. Whether it is your regular Y-dress or wide leg pant, it has the design for you. You will feel different and extraordinary in the floppy shape hat.

  1. Mod Boots

Say bye-bye to your regular slippers or shoes! It’s time to try Mod Boots which are high up to your knees and are more elegant with the jeans or the retro cool black tights. Well, boots are the easiest way to play with your dressing pattern and will raise your interest too. When you are planning for any evening, then nothing can match better than Mod Boots. From the fashion perspective, it is where the whole story begins because these are the foundation of your overall fashion.

  1. Cuff Necklaces

In the ancient times or not more than 50 years, this kind of heavy necklaces were the trends in the culture but as the time passes, everything disappeared. Fashion has got it back on track with these cuff necklaces. These cuff accessories fit right adjacent to your collar-bone and can be easily partnered with either office or casual dress.

Try these accessories and see the magic how it fabulously transforms your outfits in all seasons!

Photo Credit: coco+kelley via Compfight cc

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