Try these DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

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OUTFIT Try these DIY Halloween Costume Ideas.

Published on October 11th, 2014 | by Joan Makai

You cannot expect the dead to come in costumes that you wear every day, and hence, the Halloween costume should be made scary. The scary costumes can be rented out for the day. But what is so fun about you getting the costume that anyone can try when you can make your own with just a little creativity? Custom-made Halloween costume makes you stand out in a crowd of ‘dead and eerie’. You can also save cash when you make your scary costumes at home. This is not only about the money, but you get to try different ideas, and you can stand unique.


Costume Idea #1 – The Eerie Barbie


Barbie dolls are not only beautiful teen girls, but can pose eerie too. Perfect scary Halloween for young girls is this scary Barbie doll look. All you need to do is to get the hair done in a ponytail. Ensure that the hair does not fall on the face then apply loads of white eyeliner for the eyes and get the sharp eyelashes. They can be either artificial or use the eyeliner liquid in enormous quantities to make it look thick and dark. Then use the black eyeliner and create a sewn look from your lips to the cheeks.


Costume Idea #2 – Turn a Dead Darling


You can get the hint of a dead bridesmaid; dead celeb and whatever that is dead if you can get the Bloody Mary look on you.  Get your foundation ready and apply it enormously on your face. If you have a white and yellow powder, then it is great. Never mind weighing them or portioning them. Be generous with the quantity of your make-up for this Halloween look. Let the red powder liquefied, or the red nail polish run over the face. Also, add a subtle hint of the black eyeliner in the inner lip.


Costume Idea #3 – Go Catty


The beautiful cat eyes you envied from fashion models can be a great source for a scary Halloween makeover. The black eyeliner is what all you need to get the kitty look this Halloween. As this is generally available on every woman’s handbag there would be no problem creating the look. Apply the eyeliner in generous amounts to your brows and eyes. These are not the only places you need to apply the eyeliner. You can jazz the nose, and you can also add the black shade to your upper lip then draw the whisks of kitty with the eyebrow pencil.


Costume Idea #4 – Sexy Vampire Look


What is there on the Halloween without the vampire look? Costume ideas for Halloween are never complete without this. If you have smoky eyes and the guts to go a little daring, then this is for you. Apply loads of black eyeliner on the eyebrows and the eyes. Use fake blood on the face over the lips and let it get down till the chin, and then generously apply white powder on your face.


With all these ideas you are all set to rock this Halloween!

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