Unboxing LG G4: A Smart. Classy and Powerful Mobile Phone

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Published on May 12th, 2015 | by Joan Makai

One thing is sure – LG has unveiled its G4 as a competitor to Samsung’s Galaxy 6 and Apple’s iPhone 6. This smartphone can look extremely elegant with its back panel covered with leather. This leather panel is smooth and has undergone some processes to prevent stains, as well as abrasions. But this leather back is optional as LG offers G4 in gray, white, and golden colors.

A closer look at LG G4

  • Durability

In comparison to Apple’s iPhone 6, and Samsung’s Galaxy 6, LG G4 is more durable though not invincible.

  • Location of volume and power buttons

LG has pushed these two buttons on the back panel. Conventionally, all phones have these buttons on the side. This feature is expected to make increasing or decreasing volume easier, but it may take people a while to use these buttons.

  • LG’s IPS “Quantum ”

This proprietary technology improves the quality of images on the device’s screen. Images on LG screen are brighter and more colorful. These images are also more realistic and less saturated, unlike the other two smartphones.

  • Resolution

The sharpness of images on LG G4’s screen is because of high resolution. The screen has a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels.

  • Cameras with superior specifications

LG’s G4 has a better camera when compared to Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and Apple’s iPhone 6. The aperture lens in this device is 1.8. Samsung Galaxy 6’s aperture lens is 1.9 and iPhone 6’s aperture lens is 2.2. Effectively, the lens is wider in G4. Larger opening is responsible for more details. The photographs taken from this device’s camera sensor which is of 16 megapixels are more detailed though some part of it does get overblown.

  • QSlide apps

The device facilitates viewing two windows at a time for some things such as calculator, video players, and dialer.

  • Smart Notice Widget

This widget provides information about weather and time.

  • A new menu for settings and notifications

The user can adjust brightness, volume, Wi-Fi, etc. from this menu.

  • Smart Bulletin

This bulletin gives faster access to some apps such as music and LG health.

  • Removable battery that is long lasting

The fact that LG G4 has a removable battery itself is good news. It is replaceable too. In addition, this battery is long lasting as well. Therefore, it scores on all these counts over its competitors. The life of this battery is 3,000mAH. But charging takes a while, unlike Samsung’s device.

Customization of Android

Android 5.1 Lollipop is the OS in LG G4. However, the OS has been customized to suit the needs of LG G4 users. Therefore, users can change icons. Users can also change how settings menus look.


The processor in the device is quad core. G4 has 3GB RAM because of which gaming, snap cheats, and using other apps is easier.

Storage on the device is 32GB, which can be increased with the help of the micro-SD card. Therefore, the storage can reach 2TB. In contrast, both iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6 offer a maximum storage of 128 GB.

Missing but Desirable Features

iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6 have fingerprint authentication. This security feature is desirable but is missing in LG G4. Another missing feature is mobile payments.


There are plenty of desirable features in LG G4 such as battery replacement and durability of the device. But the product also has a couple of drawbacks, which can easily be overcome.

Photo Credit: TheBetterDay via Compfight cc

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