Unique Summer Wedding Ideas (And why it’s the best time to get hitched)

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Published on May 11th, 2015 | by Joan Makai


Tying the knot during the summer season is, without a doubt, one of the best decisions any couple could ever make.

Practically everything is in bloom so you would not have difficulties getting that flower you want for your bouquet. There is very little chance of rain, too, so you can do that garden or beach wedding you’ve dreamed of. And your wedding planner will be more agreeable because she won’t encounter a lot of problems with regards to suppliers.

So if you’re all set on getting hitched this coming summer but you’re stumped when it comes to unique ideas, read on:

1. Tropical Themed Weddings

Going out of town and bringing a hundred people to the beach with you is expensive. So why not bring the tropics to wherever you are? It’s easy, really.

Décor: Incorporate things you’d usually see on or associate with the beach in your décor like sea shells, deck chairs, and even pineapples. Instead of large bouquet centerpieces, why not use a bottled starfish or an aquarium filled with sand with candles on it.

Others: See to it that your menu in that is also beach-worthy. Barbecue, for instance, would be perfect for this wedding theme. Partner that with Pina Coladas and ice-cold beer and you’re good to go!

2. Rustic Barnyard Weddings

The shabby chic barnyard wedding is another great summer wedding theme. Everything here is cool and laidback so it’s really not hard to come up with good design concepts for the venue.

Décor: Long wooden tables and benches would look great in the reception area (hopefully, in an actual barn). String of lights could hang on the ceiling. Wildflowers in wooden buckets could be used as centerpieces.

Others: Bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen suits do not have to match. You could just tell them what your motif is and they can bring whatever they find which will suit it. No stress and less cost for you or for your special guests!

3. A Midsummer Night Wedding

Nothing could be more beautiful than having a late afternoon wedding, just as the sun is about to set, in an English-inspired garden – pergola and all. Once the sun has set, you’ll have the stars shining down on you.

Décor: Candles should be everywhere. Hang yellow bulbs on trees. Line the pathways with paper lanterns. Use crystal plates and glasses for added illumination.

Others: What else do you really need for this quixotic scene? Just dance the night away and have fun.

A traditional church wedding with a traditional setting for the ceremony and reception is of course an ever present idea but where would be the fun in that? For couples who are young, creative and inventive a traditional wedding won’t do.

Do you have any fabulous summer wedding idea that you want to share? Add it on the comment below.

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