How to Wear Jewelry to your Fashion Advantage?

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Published on October 9th, 2014 | by Joan Makai

It is well-said that the jewelry is a woman’s best friend. It can be of any metal as even the fashion jewelry can add to the beauty like a diamond does. The key to getting the look of a fashion icon is based on how you wear your jewelry. Find here a few ideas that would let you wear stylish fashion jewelry to your advantage without breaking the bank.

Chic Sounds Better

Loading up with necklaces and decking with bangles do not offer the fashionable look. You should know the limits. You can wear armful of bangles, and a few necklaces, but knowing where to stop is the key. For instance, with a large cocktail ring, if you are using another ring, both lose the essence. The same goes with using long earrings with the heavy necklaces.

Marriage of Attire and Accessories

Jewelry for fashion does not achieve the results when you mix them both at the heights. For instance, if your attire has loads of designer works, do not go for heavy jewelry. A ruffle front blouse with a heavy necklace sounds awful but great with a thin chain. You can find the necklaces adding to the outfits. A designer gown with a deep neck can be aptly fitted with strands of pearl. Take into consideration the outfit you wear while choosing the jewelry. Even a subtle gold chain can offer the results like a heavy jewelry when used with the right attire. If you choose a long frock then pick the draping necklace, and for an open neckline it can be better to wear flashy necklace.

Mind the Combo

A bold and big choker that looks excellent needs to be appreciated for the intricate design. But, when you use other jewelry while using the choker, it is easy to get the look of the dreadfulness. Heavy jewelry needs attention. So do not mix it with others!

Using Necklaces and Earrings

Only up to a few strands the necklaces look admirable but not when you deck it with a dozen. Though they seem small, the importance of the earrings should never be forgotten. They have a lot of impact on the outfit you wear. A long earring should not be matched with a heavily designed dress and the choker. When you go for chandeliers skip necklaces and brooches. Studs are useful for all occasions. You do not need to limit with diamonds, but gold, silver and pearls too are right choices. If you want your earrings to be a combo of studs and the danglers, the dainty drops are the perfect choices.


Properly layer the rings from the flat stones. Do not go beyond two pieces per hand. Wear only the properly groomed rings, if they demand attention.


Go for sleeveless or short sleeved shirts if you stack bangles with bracelets.

Keep all these in mind if you want to get a style statement for yourself. By knowing how to correctly mix and match fashion jewelries you can be a fashion icon in no time.

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