Why its Difficult to Burn Belly Fat Despite Extensive Dieting and Workout

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Published on June 17th, 2015 | by Joan Makai

Are you struggling with the stubborn belly fat? There are reasons for it! You have tried diets, and exercises to lose that belly fat, but your waistline does not reward you. It can be disheartening to note that. But the reason is that you are not going about it all in a systematic way. In fact, you may be under wrong notions about some of the measures you are taking to reduce that belly fat.

Here are a few things you should know about your belly fat-

  1. Not all fat adds to your belly fat

Ever heard of MUFA? These are fats found in nuts, olive oil, and fruits like avocado. Ironically these fats are good because they help in losing the belly fat. So the next time you think that a tablespoon full of olive oil will add to your waistline, think again.

  1. Your mental disposition contributes to that abdominal fat

Studies have shown that people who are depressed tend to eat randomly and, in general, their eating habits take a beating. Getting out of those depressive and obsessive thoughts is necessary. One way to do that is get up and socialize. Perhaps, meeting a therapist may be the answer to your abdominal fat.

  1. Insulin is bad for your belly fat

Logically this does not make sense because insulin is supposed to break down that sugar, right? Wrong. Your sugar and fat intake send a message to the body to produce insulin for digesting them. And what does insulin do? Turn sugar into glycogen, which is stored in the liver.

  1. You never heard of magnesium effect

You would not be the first, though. A recent study indicates that higher consumption of magnesium lowers blood sugar levels. That does not mean you go to some chemist and buy magnesium pills. Milk of magnesia is known to cause diarrhea. However, your body can assimilate it from nuts, yogurt, dark chocolates, fish, whole grains, beans, and leafy vegetables. Take your pick.

  1. You believe diet soda, beer, and burgers are good for you

Even if you know that beer and burgers are criminals, you may be surprised that diet soda is their accomplice. Avoid the bad company altogether.

  1. You are not exercising right

This is one of the most common causes of that stubborn belly fat. Exercises need to be done in some sequence with slower activities in between to provide respite that the body gets to sweat it out. But if rigorous exercises are done continuously, sweat remains within the body, and the benefit is only on the last lap of exercise. Hardly worth the effort, wouldn’t you say?

  1. Yoga is essential for postmenopausal women

One hour spent on yoga can help women physically as well as emotionally.

  1. Food color

Your food color determines where it is likely to end in your body. If beiges and browns are what you favor, then your belly fat will be your guest for good. Strikingly bright colored fruits and vegetables have been given those shades to tempt you. Browns and beiges are usually artificial colors. These are the colors food acquires after being subjected food preparation processes.


Belly fat is actually a protection for the delicate internal organs. But an excess of this fat prompts production of adipokines and adipose hormones which travel to other parts of the body and create havoc. If you can dispel some of your myths such as those about MUFA, exercising patterns, and diet sodas, you might start losing that belly fat. Ironically, once the process begins, the body pushes out fat from that region before it attacks fat from other regions. So 30 percent of that fat will depart if you follow right principles for losing that belly fat.

Photo Credit: Alin S Living with Autism via Compfight cc

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