Why Working Women are Likely to Pile up More Pounds

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Published on June 16th, 2015 | by Joan Makai

A new study is pointing towards factors that make working women gain weight more easily when compared to women who do not work. This may seem strange because it is presumed that working women pack in additional duties in their day than a homemaker. Therefore, working women are always on their feet and, therefore, they should find it easier to keep obesity away. The study dispels this belief.

Here are the reasons why working women are more likely to gain weight-

1. These women compromise on exercise time to accommodate traveling time to and fro work. Also, jobs nowadays are sedentary. Therefore, working women remain seated most of the time even while working. Gaining weight is easier in the process.

2. They are too tired with their hectic routine. Therefore, they may pass up opportunities to do exercise even if they have time.

3. Eating more to beat stress. Human mind often needs some other activity to balance stress. Stress levels have increased across the board thanks to competition. Therefore, working women have to face some of it. Their stressful jobs and hurried performance of duties at home adversely affect their relationships with spouses and/or children. Effectively, the stress feeds itself in their case. Stress incidentally has been identified as one of the most important reasons for weight gain.

4. They may consume more coffee and other beverages that contain sugar and toxins. Nothing feels as good as a refreshing cup of coffee or cold drink. Coffee is often used to keep sleep away while working. However, excessive intake of coffee contributes towards stress, which in turn leads to weight gain. In a working environment, drinking coffee has become a norm because it is often used as a hydrating substitute. In hot climates, beverages used for hydrating have sugar content in them.

5. Working women are likely to eat and drink unhealthy foods and beverages. These women tend to eat out more often because they did not get time to cook, and also because they can now afford to. The fast food in eateries and restaurants is usually rich in fattening content.

6. Sleep pattern disturbances as working women may continually be thinking what is to be done. If they make any mistake at the office or at home, their mind will serve as a reminder and disturb them in the night. Actually, they are often sleep deprived. Inadequate sleep is another factor for weight gain.
What can be done?

1. Do not pass up opportunity to exercise
If you work on the 14th floor, take the lift to the 10th floor, and climb the rest of the stairs, every day.

2. Pack lunch
Develop a regular menu card for a fortnight, planning it in such a way that healthy but tasty food can be prepared quickly every day.

3. Drink water frequently
Either be disciplined to limit the number of coffee cups or drink water often. Either way, the intake of coffee comes down, and so does corresponding stress.

4. Look for tasks that require some standing in workplace
Volunteer to do those. Effectively, it will become necessary to leave the seat and stand up for a few minutes, every hour or so.

5. Do not snack unhealthily
Many working women use candies. But if they would opt for measured quantities of nuts, they would be better off.

6. Ask employer to install treadmills with desktops
Nowadays, such desktops are available, and they can be used for each employee or a few of these can be installed, and the employees can take turns to use such treadmill for an hour each day.

7. Buy a light duty exercise bike and use it while watching television at home
Light duty exercise bikes can be easily shifted from one room to another. Therefore, these can be relocated at the end of the day. If the working woman were to use it while watching television programs, it would help to keep the legs and lower back exercised. Abs too would come down on such bicycles.

8. Learn to relax
Keep ambition within limits so that workaholism does not take over. Becoming workaholic implies that food is ingested absent-mindedly. Both stress and this eating habit can be avoided by keeping ambition in its place.

While working women are at a risk of gaining weight more rapidly than women who stay at home, there are simple and cost-effective measures also available to them for not gaining weight. By following such simple steps, it is possible for working women to avoid becoming fat.

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