Women Travelers: How to enjoy safe travel alone

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TIPS Women Travelers How to enjoy safe travel alone

Published on September 22nd, 2014 | by Joan Makai

Who says you can’t travel alone? Even if you’re a woman there is no rule that prohibits you from catching the next flight to Italy or spending the summer in the Caribbean alone. Even in today’s dangerous environment, one does not need to be a man to go on an adventure alone. With or without company, you can spend the holidays in a remote island and no one will be the wiser so long as you have what it takes to travel safely. Check these few helpful tips for safe travel.

  1. Wear a ring. Nothing wards off potential suitors than the flash of jewelry on your ring finger. If you’re travelling solo and want to keep from attracting unnecessary attention from men who are looking for flings or one-night bed partners, then a fake wedding ring can help you. You don’t need a marriage ceremony to announce that you’re taken. Just pick good fashion jewelry than can pass as a wedding ring and wear it during your vacation to ward off unscrupulous people who wants nothing but a roll-in-a-hay.
  2. Avoid flashy blings. Wearing expensive jewelries while traveling alone puts a huge “Target “sign on your forehead. Criminals don’t sleep and even in the light of day you can fall victim to snatchers while walking alone. Stay away from the hot eyes of robbers by avoiding expensive jewelries during your holiday. You need not wear the latest from Tiffany just to look trendy. Opt for a simple set of accessories that do not attract too much attention.
  3. Stay sober. Being drunk while in a solo vacation could easily put you in trouble. You went into a holiday to relax and not to be wasted so if you want to enjoy your vacation you should refrain from drinking alcohol. If, for some instance, you can’t avoid alcohol, make sure to never drink too much.
  4. Learn few self-defense tricks. A knowledge in self-defense is a handy advantage especially when travelling alone. By enrolling into a karate or kick-boxing class during your free time you can learn few tricks to defend yourself when needed. Although it cannot guarantee your safety one hundred percent, you will not be left defenseless in times of trouble and you’ll have the confidence to go on a trip alone.
  5. Bring something to depend yourself. Whether it’s a mace, a small hunting knife, a screw driver or a scissor, it doesn’t matter. As long as it’s allowed on your destination, bring something that you could use as a weapon. A simple hairpin, pen or bottle of perfume can save your life so never leave without anything that you could hold onto in times of trouble.

When travelling alone, your best weapon is instinct and your best protection is presence of mind. It helps if you have few tricks up your sleeve to protect yourself from attackers but if you’re no Electra and has no abilities like Superwoman, you can stay safe in any place by practicing caution and attentiveness at all times.

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