Why Is Working At Home The New Norm

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CAREERS Why Is Working At Home The New Norm

Published on September 17th, 2014 | by Joan Makai

The internet has opened several doors for non-traditional jobs. Nowadays it’s ordinary for stay-at-home moms to look for something extra during their free time. Due to the flexibility of many virtual jobs and the different benefits it offers, many professionals are also shifting to online work instead of traditional office jobs. Others even leave their day jobs to looks for new opportunities online. Working at home is undeniably the new norm and here’s why:

  1. You are not limited to a single work. When you work online, the opportunity is limitless. You are not tied to a single boring job unlike when you are employed in a regular office. As an online worker you can take as many jobs as you want as long as you can finish them in a specified period. You can be a virtual assistant, an online guru, a trading expert, a blogger, a virtual designer or a social media manager. You can work for two employers simultaneously or take third or fourth jobs without the fear of being fired for the conflict of interest.
  2. No missing opportunities due to age. Most home-based jobs like virtual assistant and freelance writing has no age limit set, that means you can apply and work even on your 40’s or 50’s as long as you’re qualified.
  3. No dress code. Unlike when you’re in a traditional office where you are forced to dress appropriately, working at home means wearing whatever you like and no one will raise an eyebrow. There are no rules to what you can or can’t wear. You can work in your PJs or in your sundress. You can work barefoot at home and no one will mind.
  4. No deduction for tardiness. Working at home means you can work as early or as late as you like without worrying about deduction for tardiness. You can work in the morning if you prefer the feel of a regular office job or work at midnight if you like. As long as you finish the job needed, you can leave home whenever you like or go out on a date without filing for an under-time.
  5. Online work is healthy. No more running to the cafeteria for chips, burgers and cola during break time. When you work at home, you can eliminate the temptation of snacking unhealthily unlike when you work in an office. Since you can literally set office in your dining table you can easily whip up something good for a snack or much fresh fruits if you go hungry. Aside from saving money you were also freeing yourself from unhealthy snacks.
  6. No traffic. Try missing the traffic for one day and you’ll see how wonderful life can be. When you work at home there’s no more worrying about traffic and pollution in the streets. You don’t have to leave home very early and plan for the traffic since your work literally begins when you hit the power button on your computer.
  7. No nosy co-workers. Ah the ultimate advantage! Working at home means never having to deal with nosy, irrational co-workers who have nothing better to do but talk and whine and talk again behind your back.
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